Two Quarters Of A Bike

TwoQuater is a power-assisted electric bicycle that folds up when necessary. It sources the power from a lithium battery, which housed at the back of the bike in a black case. The power-assist comes into play when riding uphill and during the downhill course it recharges the battery. For a subway ride or up the elevator, the bike folds into half, but if you need to stash it in your car’s trunk or stow it away, it can fold up further to become a quarter of its size.

Usually when we try to fold a traditional folding cycle, we have to fold its handle bar and saddle separately. But with the TwoQuarter, we can fold the both these parts at the same time. Besides, the single front fork and rear fork make it much thinner and smaller after folded.

I almost forgot, you can remove the battery from the black housing and plug it up like regular ones, for recharging.

Designers: Yan-ting Jiang, Wen-ling Huang & Yu-ting Wang

TwoQuater Power Assisted Electric Bicycle by Yan-ting Jiang, Wen-ling Huang & Yu-ting Wang