Square Cut Traffic Signs

When we were Re-learning the Traffic Lights and many feel that re-arranging shapes is not always the answer for good road safety. In situations like fog, poor visibility and rain, road lights like the Light Programmable Road Sign may work better. It employs a LED Video Display, consisting of RGB LEDs with the possibility of reprogramming. Jump in to learn more…


  • The sign post is rugged and resistant to different temperatures.
  • Display frame is in recess which creates a blackout and this will help make visible the road sign on sunny days.
  • Frames will protect display from rain and other foreign objects.
  • A protective glass in located on the front part. On the rear part are the mountings to standard holders of road signs.
  • The programmable LED Video Display make the sign very universal.
  • These signs can be centrally managed through dedicated special services on the Internet.
  • It will be possible to distribute the flow of transport depending on the workload of the routes, to make changes to the speed limit or traffic information on the detour without installing new and not dismantling the old signs.
  • Make a road signs (“Children”, “No Entry”, “Pedestrian Crossing” etc.) more visible by increasing the brightness of light, and possibly adding flashing-function to attract attention.

The sign may have autonomous power supply in order to save electricity by batteries stored in solar energy. At sections of roads with low traffic the sign can be equipped the sensor, which could switch on a sign for road users in advance. This could also help to save energy and prolong due date.

Designer: Alexey Chugunnikov

Light Programmable Road Sign by Alexey Chugunnikov