Square Cut Traffic Signs

When we were Re-learning the Traffic Lights and many feel that re-arranging shapes is not always the answer for good road safety. In situations like fog, poor visibility and rain, road lights like the Light Programmable Road Sign may work better. It employs a LED Video Display, consisting of RGB LEDs with the possibility of reprogramming. Jump in to learn more…


  • The sign post is rugged and resistant to different temperatures.
  • Display frame is in recess which creates a blackout and this will help make visible the road sign on sunny days.
  • Frames will protect display from rain and other foreign objects.
  • A protective glass in located on the front part. On the rear part are the mountings to standard holders of road signs.
  • The programmable LED Video Display make the sign very universal.
  • These signs can be centrally managed through dedicated special services on the Internet.
  • It will be possible to distribute the flow of transport depending on the workload of the routes, to make changes to the speed limit or traffic information on the detour without installing new and not dismantling the old signs.
  • Make a road signs (“Children”, “No Entry”, “Pedestrian Crossing” etc.) more visible by increasing the brightness of light, and possibly adding flashing-function to attract attention.

The sign may have autonomous power supply in order to save electricity by batteries stored in solar energy. At sections of roads with low traffic the sign can be equipped the sensor, which could switch on a sign for road users in advance. This could also help to save energy and prolong due date.

Designer: Alexey Chugunnikov

Light Programmable Road Sign by Alexey Chugunnikov



  • twellve says:

    there are some very practical issues with these types of lights which are already in use for traffic lights.

    1) by using LEDs, they create little heat. in cold, snowy climates, the heat from traditional bulbs melts off ice/snow. the new ones do not and stay covered.

    2) the ‘hoods’ of these lights, meant for shading from sun (i assume), help trap snow, which as in the point above, is a bad thing.

    3) the hoods reduce the viewing angle, thereby making it more difficult for drivers to see the lights accurately if they are not viewing it head-on.

    i would suspect there may be issues with colo(u)r blindness accessibility, as well.

    would be curious to see the cost of installation, energy usage and maintenance as compared to their old school counterparts.

    • Alexey says:

      Thanks, for the shown interest.
      1. I live in a cold climate (Russia) where winters happen very snow. But nevertheless, I did not see the light-emitting diode traffic lights covered by an ice. I hope also my signs the same do not become such:)
      2. If you have noticed, the casing around of the display has a return corner, just that the snow would roll down on it.
      3. The corner of the review is sufficient, believe, who does not look at a sign under a corner of 120-180 degrees:) And lateral walls of a casing – it is less, for the best review.
      problems with a colour rendition….. I so do not think .Так as light symbols will be read is better printed.:)

  • reality says:

    more light pollution

    • Alexey says:

      What problems. This sign will be not dirtier than a similar sign or a traffic light.:)

      well and then…. TO WASH it is necessary:)

  • twellve says:

    appreciate your response, alexey. thought it might be useful to share the link to a news article about the issues i mentioned above.


    • Alexey says:

      Thank you.
      That’s very harsh winter in America! Perhaps this is due to the fact that the lights lit for each of the color ….. yet all fit …. he’s cool and freeze.
      In my case, the sign is lit …. and hence there is always, albeit minimal heating (if it is not the case with the roads a little busy, but they can apply the principle of constant light in winter)

  • Ken says:

    This has kind of already been done.

    They have been using these kind of LED signs in Australia. I have seen them whilst driving on the m7 in Sydney NSW.


    They also have orange flashing lights in each corner, in case of an emergency.

    • Alexey says:

      Hello Ken
      Nice picture:)
      But I see the sign (light) with the ability to display only the value of limitations in speed ….
      In my version, it can display any traffic sign, depending on the needs ..:)
      And yet …. it works and it is necessary 🙂

      Perhaps something I did not understand, sorry.


  • Julius Bier says:

    These things have been employed on the autobahn in germany for quite some time now, http://www.gettingaroundgermany.info/g_imgs/elec3

  • Julius Bier says:

    These things have been employed on the autobahn in germany for quite some time now, http://www.gettingaroundgermany.info/g_imgs/elec3

  • Is is seen through the dark? It’s a good concept. Two traffic signs can be shown in this one. Great!

  • Zaid Corrales El Fil says:

    You have some deep brain problem…sorry about it…

  • Alexey says:

    Thank you
    Zaid Corrales)

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