Watch your Speed

You race car enthusiasts and automotive lovers better look out, there’s a new watch in town. This is the “Speedometer Watch” from the design group called Projects. It’s look is sleek with its fabulous false face, appearing to speed forward in overdrive as it keeps perfect time. Dedicated to high quality design, Projects presents a speedometer on a tire band for the wrist. It’s a clock that makes your arm seem like it’s ripping around the track at full tilt! Plus there’s lights, dials, everything you need to get your time on the racetrack spent well.

The Speedometer Watch is made of stainless steel. It’s got a real rubber band to attach itself to your wrist, doing so with a flip lock to ensure perfect sizing.

It comes in black and it comes in red, the red being the most firey red I have basically ever seen.

Speed on!

Designer: Projects [ Buy it Here, Speedometer Watch is available for $135.00 @ YD Store ]


Speedometer Watch is available for $135.00 @ YD Store