Can You Smell What I’m Reading?

“Never judge a book by its cover” or “Never judge a perfume by its bottle”. Unless of course we are talking about this stunning collection of perfume bottles by Polish firm Ah&Oh Studio. They have taken inspiration from some of their favorite and most iconic pieces of literature and interpreted them as men’s fragrance bottles.

“At the begining we were concentrating on the idea of the scent itself. We found inspiration in the great, dark literature and distinctive, strong characters. We tried to describe the dark sides of men’s nature with line of scents named after famous writers…” says the designer. Unfortunately, these beautiful designs are just an exercise at present but, fortunately for everyone, they are not working on a William S, Burroughs or Hunter S. Thompson scent either.

Designer: Ah&Oh Studio

Scent Stories - Concept Perfume Package Design by Ah&Oh Studio






  • A.C. says:

    Nicely done sir, nicely done.

  • Margot says:

    I’m sorry, but I could not wear a scent called “Orwell”….

  • A.S. says:

    These are awesome. Nice find. funny headline.

  • Tuckerfan says:

    I don’t get what’s so bad about smelling like Hunter S. Thompson. After all, wouldn’t that be a combination of bourbon and gunpowder? How could that be anything but awesome?

  • EDP says:

    The perfume bottles designed by by Polish firm Ah&Oh Studio are awesome, I never saw such a great design. I would surely buy such a perfume for my son, he recently finished high-school and will go to college, I am sure all his colleagues would admire his perfume.

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