Trophy Polygamy

When awards are handed out, it is usually for excellence in a particular field. Well if there was an award for best award, this new award called “DesignNu” would win the award for most clever award. This take-away object of commemoration is handed out biannually for outstanding Swedish design. The trophy was designed by Form Us With Love and the basic idea of its design is to allow the winner to mould as many trophies as he/she likes. The designer adds, “this piece is commentary on the strive for prizes and recognition in the design world, as well as a statement on material waste.” And for that we award you the greatest award…exposure.

Designer: Form Us With Love


  • p says:

    man, i love the ideas that FUWL comes out with. They really consider the experience the user will have with an object, not just how it looks intrinsically.

    speaking of looks though, this isn’t too shabby, open or closed.

  • Nacon says:

    ……my god, that’s 100% retarded.

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