Putting the Light in Delight!


Elegant, hypnotic, and so beautiful, it justifies all the design awards its won, the D’Light puts an art installation in every home! Named D’Light after its delightful experience (as well as a combination of Donation and Light), the lamp is a pleasure to own and interact with.

The D’Light is a kinetic lighting device that adapts its style based on the kind of mood you’re trying to set. With the ability to orient itself in various different shapes, each with a completely unique character, the D’Light works beautifully as a table lamp, a floor lamp, a hanging pendant lamp, or even an ambient kinetic-artpiece deserving to be in the center of your home! The lamp comes with a table-top base, but can be attached to any outlet (it’s a breeze to assemble), as long as it has the freedom to freely shape-shift. Fitted with a smart-bulb on the inside that can change colors (adding more variety and beauty to the lamp’s abilities), the lamp has a honeycomb-esque paper pattern on the outside that can freely rotate, and comes mounted on a specially designed frame that turns via a motor, controlled by the D’Light app. The highly intriguing honeycomb pattern not only allows the lamp to rotate the way it does, but it also does a rather wonderful job of scattering the light. The honeycomb lampshade is tear-resistant and washable.

The jellyfish-esque D’Light makes a beautiful addition to any home and is sure to outshine (literally!) any lighting you may have in the room. It’s a winner of the Good Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the IDEA Design Award. Plus, all profits from the D’Light go to providing educational scholarships (Donation + Light), reinforcing the metaphor of light being a symbol of knowledge and wisdom!

Designer: ID+IM Design Laboratory

BUY NOW: $49.00 $79.00










BUY NOW: $49.00 $79.00