Three Dimensional Wrist Communicator

It’s that time again. It’s time for the Mac. The dude who keeps coming hard with the strangest, wildest, most fantastically cool looking conceptual designs on such a regular basis that I can’t believe he doesn’t already work for a super secret design corporation run by time traveling aliens from outer space. Wait. I’m getting a message from Mac. He can see what I’m typing and is telling me to hush up! Oh jeez! Better just talk about this new design – “Dew”, it’s a conceptual mobile communication device that works in three dimensional projection space.

Mac says I’m not to talk about space aliens because they might fire him for me telling you too much. Kinda like intergalactic FBI probably. Secret space mafia of design, that’s what he’s into.

But this watch! It takes the form of what appears at first to be a wrist watch, but in fact its main function is to work as a communication device, not unlike the “smart phones” we have today. On it there’s a ball that works as a color-changing control device that can slide anywhere on the surface, acting also as sort of a mouse cursor if you know what I mean. And of course the whole thing projects in 3D hologram mode.

Help me, Obi-Wan Funamizu, you’re my only hope!

Love that Star Wars pic, Mac.

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Future Mobile Phone Concept Reel from Mac Funamizu on Vimeo.







  • Najica says:

    I can’t imagine a single time where a transparent screen would be a good thing for private persons, where it would actually be hard keeping things private, I can see how it could be convenient for companies though. And I have yet to understand the 3d-hype, well, some nice designs in there either way 🙂

  • lah dee dah says:

    Is anybody else aware that this is, in fact, impossible?

  • Very Cool, Id wear one but hard use in direct sunlight or direct light environs for 3D display.
    Gret for GPS walking tour use only & comm link ala Dick Tracy

  • Hey says:

    Impossible tech strikes again!

  • Awake says:

    Are you folks stupid or something this phone does not exist. It’s just concept drawings. Look are all the people assuming that it’s available and they can buy it.

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