Global Game of Intuition

From the sweet streets of the Czech Republic comes this fabulous learning game made by designer Karel Vranek. This was originally a school project at the Academy of Arts – Architecture and Design Prague under the instructor Ivan Dlabac. This is a game totally based on intuition. This game is a ball, it’s probably totally a ball to play, and it completely lights up. This game goes by the name “Welcome!” and it’s made to teach every little person to get along through play. Check this sphere out.

This gray ball has a slew of buttons all over it. It’s a game of pass back and forth and learn as you go. Formed as a sphere to represent the world, this gameball’s the perfect size for little kiddies to get to know one another by. And might I say, if they work anything like the classic game “Simon,” they’d be a great desk item for design-minded folks around the world. Cutie!

Designer: Karel Vranek

Welcome! spherical game by Karel Vranek