On The Death Of A Teabag

I have this friend who keeps collecting all her used teabags to add to her henna mixture (hair dye) and it always grosses me out. Different strokes for different folks, what do you do with your dead-used teabag? Mine goes straight into the bin, haha I’m lying, I use loose tea leaves! But seriously, would you want to create artwork with a dripping bag like seen in the “Teabag Coasters” packaging or would you just dump it?

Designers: Yuree S. Lim & Jieun Yang






  • Rob says:

    Looks cool, but the tea cup has a saucer (even in the drawing) for exactly the purpose of putting teabags on it. So this seems like a waste of paper and trees that the paper is ultimately made from…

  • Ana says:

    Yes, I would.

    Not everyone uses saucers and, even if they do use them personally, you can’t get them everywhere (think canteens).

    I don’t see it as a waste of paper since the teabag would come in a package either way.

  • TiagoTiago says:

    The internet has ruined the world “teabag” for me…

  • Wang Nanzhe says:

    hi, there!
    Im a fan of you and your design, my girlfriend is fencing on one of your product, it names on the death of a teabag(or teabag coaster), from your intro, it design by Yuree S. Lim & Jieun Yang. The thing is where can I have some? Do you sell it in your shop? It very important to me if you can get some for me. Ive trying hard so much but still cannot find it anywhere.Or if you have any infomation can be provide to me

  • Maverick says:

    I love this idea. I only started drinking tea recently and I usually just left the tea bag in the cup until my next use.

  • The design is very pretty, but I typically just toss mine into the trash bin. It is a great way to make some pretty artwork out of something that previously would have been just trash. I suppose you could use them to decorate your fridge, bullitan board, etc.

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  • Brian King says:

    How creative. Love it and next time i will not throe out my teagbags. Thank you for the idea. Love your writing

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