What one product do you own, will be useful your entire lifespan? Can’t think of it? That’s because it doesn’t exist, until today. Introducing the GO-GO TRANSPORTER by Tory Orzeck. Originally designed for “obese Americans” (not sure how that is relevant), this design was a finalist at the 2010 IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) by IDSA. With interchangeable components you can build out a stroller for a newborn, a wagon for playtime, a piece of luggage for your anxious years and a dolly to haul your dead butt to the grave. And when they bury you six feet under, you can take it with you and make a chariot to the afterlife.

Designer: Toren Orzeck


  • Furilla says:

    Well, not “just for obese americans” , but that’s funny. Originally designed to help combat global warming, high fuel prices and obesity.

  • emmo709 says:

    what makes this one product? looks like several similar products to me.

    To state its one product is a bit like Trigger’s (only fools and horses – UK thing) sweeping brush!

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