Frontpack for Search and Rescue

How would you like to use some rescue technology that incorporates infrared sensors, sensitive directional audio microphones, communication, navigation and medical guidance to help with the wild, wild situations you get in as a rescuer! It’s called “SixthSense for Search and Rescue” and it’s designed by Dieter Amick. Designer Dieter Amick designed the heck out of these packs and they are wild, wild, fantastic and undeniably shiny.

You got it up there, you got it workin nice. It’s like a fanny pack (know what that is?) but it’s got a computer in it. It’s a laptop, but it flips down and projects. All your little gear gets held in there like knives and candy bars, and it’s not so big it’ll get in your way.

I’d wear one of these across town!

I’d get beaten up though.

But I’d have medical equipment!

Designer: Dieter Amick

Search and Rescue for rescuers Paul Summerson





  • brian t says:

    OK if you want to look like a St. Bernard, I suppose. Where do you put the brandy? 8)

  • Nic says:

    Interesting… I know all the people in the last photo and I seriously doubt that you asked their permission or the permission of the photographer before using this picture.

  • Interesting. We have a real working version of an almost identical design, for a chest mounted flight computer used for paragliding.

    Chest mount cockpits are quite popular as they can hold a reserve chute as well, but they can be inflexible.

    Our integrated flight deck folds flat for landing/takeoff and has a vario, GPS mapping & waypoint functionality as well as a USB adaptor for flight data access and video recording.

  • Larisa says:

    So who is the designer? Paul Summerson or Dieter Amick?

  • Ian says:

    Seriously. Rewrite that article. It’s a redundant mess.

  • Dieter says:

    This video was recently posted on youtube giving an overview of the design of this device as well as a few similar ones created by 12 other Industrial Design students at Western Washington University.

  • Cicada says:

    It seems like a nifty device. It would have to be able to to store a lot of battery life though. Or perhaps it is solar powered?

  • vanessa says:

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