Paint Like a Rollerpro!

It slices, it dices, it cuts pizza into fifteen bits! It’s the “Delux Paint Pod Micro!” WAIT that can’t be right. Ok it’s called the “DUlux Paint Pod Micro.” Ohhh ok. What does it do? It paints with automatic rollers. Simply insert the 250ml cartridge of paint into the handle and presto! Ready to go. Press the thumb delivery button and the flow of paint begins. Flowing paint, lovely roller, covered wall. You’re good to go.

You can paint a little bit, you can paint a lot.

Just insert the cartridge into the handle, click the button, and the paint begins to flow. That’s it.

That is IT.

Now you can paint your whole wall basically instantly. Cleanly.

Designer: David Boyce


Dulux Paint Pod Micro by David Boyce




  • brian t says:

    What’s going on here? Dulux already has its PaintPod and PaintPod Compact systems, so where does this thing fit in?

  • David says:

    Hi Brian, well the full paintpod is £70 without paint, is very large as it holds 5lts of paint and a cleaning system and it runs off mains power.
    The Compact is similar to the full paintpod but without the cleaning system and is £40.

    Where as the micro concept is a smaller, quick and simple version. With a 5 inch roller and 250ml of paint your not going to use it to paint a whole house but for only £7 it would be ideal for touching up areas or doing one wall.

    For more information check out

    • David says:

      Plus the micro doesn’t need mains or batteries. Instead working off a pump action thumb button, much like what you would see on a stand up pump toothpaste tube.

  • BuckleUp says:

    A solution for a non-existing problem. Seriously, how hard is it to paint a surface with a traditional roller and a bucket of paint? I’m a big fan of innovation, but what kind of dumb person needs a tool like this?

    • reality says:

      agree, this is really rubbish. you have to pump it yourself and there is no cleaning mechanism, so clean ityourself.
      so in reality its just as much effort as a conventional roller and tray. more packaging and waste.
      how much wall coverage will 250ml give you? i think there might be a reason why Dulux have used 5ltrs.!
      Also would like to know if this guy has permission to ride out the Dulux brand name and logo. smells like just another render monkey.!

  • Paint roller with 5 liters must be very uncomfortable

  • I think you’re right

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