Rock and Roll Skimmin’ in Asia

Dubai is a city on the grow. It hit a kind of lull when the global economic fart happened a couple years ago, but they’re gonna get back up there eventually. And when they do, there’s going to be booming like never before. Population density insanity. And they’re right by the water. Thus, the possibility for artificial islands seems utterly super. Thus, the need for aquatic transport rises. Thus, it’s time to design more Kite Surfers! Thus, Jiwon Jung comes in and pumps out a wild one!

According to Jung, the construction, cost, and amount of materials needed to make sailboats and motor yachts is just to great for our ever-greening future population. Therefor, Jung proposes kite surfing to be the way of the future. Wind as the driving force, this totally inexpensive mode of rocking is sure to be caught.

Here Jung presents a three-seat hydrofoil with a center driving position and a sweeping cantilevered glass roof with exposed rear deck.

Perfect for grilling whilst speeding!

This project is done in conjunction with the GM Europe design center.

Designer: Jiwon Jung








  • Hartigan says:

    The open rear deck looks great for grilling when there is no wind and…. Ho! sorry its covered by a piece of glass (fail)

    Futuristic YES!! practical NO!

    Now as a space ship looks great

    • Lude says:

      Yes, let´s all think about reality and all the engineering involved in CONCEPTUAL projects…

      If everybody done that it would be one BORING world.

  • mif991 says:

    Awesome sketches and beautiful model. Great job Jiwon Jung. Lude, practical AND exiting products do EXIST. Your premise is flawed.

    • Lude says:

      Yes, practical and exciting does exist, but that´s not my point.

      When exploring new ways, and especially in the conceptual phase of a product, you must start VERY fresh to end up with something fresh.
      If you start a project of this nature with reality and thinking of all the engineering problems, then you will either end up with something boring or that already exists, just with a nice new cover.

      That´s why I comented this, this is (apparently) a school project, made with GM, if you don´t explore the new WOW factor, then you will not impress the company, yes, some reality and practibility must be in, but to much and you simply kill the concept.

      Companies see reality everyday, on these projects they want to see fresh.

      • mif991 says:

        Okay, we must live in a different world. My contention is that you can WOW a company (and the buying customer) with simple, fresh practical, cost effective and green engineered products. Samples of this occasionally appears in Yanko. Good luck.

  • That is really cool but you need a trunk or something for groceries. Gotta be able to bring back your shopping bags!

  • Maciek says:

    And now imagine a woman ‘parking’ it in a crowded marina… new ‘most viewed’ on youtube?

  • Hartigan says:

    Did I mention that is an impractical design?
    There isn’t even an auxiliary motor in it!

    I wonder were the flotation line is…


  • Must for Hawaii, Caribbean & Mexico Pacific, Baja CA. Be Fun 2 rent, How radical.

    Must produce for US No American marketplace

  • Jamie weon says:

    Cool , I like this model – Jamie weon

  • Jamie weon says:

    Cool , I like this model – Jamie weon

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