Musical Deja Vu All Over Again

Way back in history, humans used to stretch magnetized strips of a petroleum derivative and electronically infuse them with audio recordings. The original audio recording playback machine was at least the length of a football field. Until someone noticed that you could spool the “tapes” of recordings into easily potable “compact cassettes.” And it was good. In the 90s, after two failed attempts, audio recordings were being stored in Magical Playbacker 3 boxes or “MP3 Players”. And it was better. But if you are the type that loves to wear day-glo colors and drink wine coolers, then you just might love this latest hybrid format that is sure to take you Back to the Future. From London’s dadahack, comes the latest in retro chic audio playback devices. The “TAP3” is essentially an digital audio player in the form factor of the classic compact cassette. Yes yes, we know, you’ve seen this before. Ah, but wait! There is more. This handy little device also allows playback in your father’s old cassette player, boom box or any other tape player you find at garage sales. With audio stored on a 2GB SD card and transferring done via mini USB, these limited edition players are sure to make you feel like a virgin all over again.

Designer: Dadahack Studio