3D GPS for the Blind

Discover is a handheld navigation tool designed for the blind that goes beyond the limitations of Braille maps, allowing users to “feel” their surroundings. Using pin-screen impression technology (similar to that of pin-art toys popularized in the 1980s), the user can touch the immediate topography to gauge everything from buildings to cars and other objects around them. GPS, tactile 3D maps and location tagging make it the ultimate nav for those who can’t rely on sight.

Designer: Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco


  • Dave says:

    There is something like this already. I saw it on a BBC documentary regarding treatment for battlefield casualties. It was the same pin design, but mounted on the tongue, as from what I recall it’s more sensitive to understand the shapes. It was demonstrated in a rudimentary form and appeared to work.

    On first appearance I thought this was a blind persons version of google maps in 3d…..and was curious how the blind person would use the map data to understand the real world, as they also can’t see this. But I think this is a bit more like a handheld scanner and feedback (like a bats echo) to understand what’s in front of you. It could do with being a little clearer.

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