Most Buzzed Designs of April 2010

Every month we take a look around and select some of the most interesting designs that was showcased here. Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in April 2010.

15) All-In-One Sewing Machine by Monika Jakubek. Permalink Hits: 13801

14) Transparent OLED Headphone by Min-guk Ji. Permalink Hits: 14276

13) 3 Dimensional Mouse by Hye-shin Kim. Permalink Hits: 14487

12) Coffee Mug Iron by Art Lebedev Studio. Permalink Hits: 14876

11) Pad for iPad by Johan Basberg. Permalink Hits: 15145

10) Fast Noodles by Junggeun Ahn. Permalink Hits: 17075

9) Easy-release Ice Cube by Graeme Davies. Pemalink Hits: 20438

8 ) Kodak Brownie Camera by James Coleman. Permalink Hits: 20729

7) Easy Keyhole by Junjie Zhang. Permalink Hits: 27443

6) Universal Packaging System by Patrick Sung. Permalink Hits: 31768

5) Post-It Gun by Alex Marshall. Permalink Hits: 32079

4) Toe Mouse by Liu Yi. Permalink Hits: 32994

3) Super Slim Mouse by Lukasz Natkaniec. Permalink Hits: 33221

2) Yogurt Spoon Package Design by Hye-seung Cho. Permalink Hits: 46937

1) Accessories MP3 Player by Won-jun Lee. Permalink Hits: 115358