All Lights Hang High

For those of you who love to rag on people about using a big brandname for their project as their project’s name, this is for you! But also it’s a friggin amazing design, so stuff it! This project is called “SevenUp,” and it’s a chandelier. From your friend Tim Baute who’s known to say “fork you!” to conventional usage of materials comes this lovely bit of new nostalgia. A light chandelier, one that does not pull down your roof with weight.

This SevenUp is light, smart, and nice to look at. Electricity cables as the middle structure. Bundled in the center, the center hanging from the ceiling. At the end of each of the seven arms is a 5 watt light bulb, holding each of these bulbs up is a fine steel cable. Each of these steel cables is attached to a light structure at the ceiling aligning them in a way that gives the look of a classical form of chandelier loveliness.

Don’t get caught in a wind storm in your dining room!

Designer: Time Baute of Interror Design

SevenUp chandelier by Tim Baute of Interror Design