One Wrench to Rule Them Each

Or twist them all. In the dark! That’s what designer Junjie Zhang has on the brain, that intention in this project. This is a wrench that’s got several settings in one single piece of non-moving metal. One hunk. Tell me about this project, if you know about something similar, because it seems too simple to be true. One wrench, one shape that allows for several bolts to be twisted. Twisted all the way tight.

Now this designer just had another design featured on Yanko: the V Lock v-shaped keyhole slip, made for easy fitting of the key in the hole. This too, I thought was too simple to not have been invented before. But nay! It was new! And in 5 days the post had visits in the 5-digit range.

Now look at this wrench. I’ve got a wrench that fits several bolts now, it utilizes a screw at the head for easy adjustment of the wrench, which has two parts. The one we’re looking at here is one piece. One single piece. That cuts down on the amount of different molds that have to be made, maybe even cuts down on the amount of production time.

What do you think of it?

Designer: Junjie Zhang

Multiwrench by Junjie Zhang