No More Water Down There

You’ve got a garage for your business. It’s down there. It’s below street level. Dangit! It seemed like a great idea until you realized you were in Fargo. It’s gonna flood! Ya! It’s gonna! You can’t avoid it! Unless of course you do, and how are you going to be doing that then? Use the “Floodbreak.” It’s spiffy. It comes up from the ground and it stops that water cold! I don’t know if it’s gonna do much against the snow though.

It’s built for water!

For those of you not in the know, when I speak of Fargo I of course mean Fargo, North Dakota. This is a place that gets both a lot of snow and then in the spring, inevitably, a lot of water. That’s flood talk. So check this thing out if you’re in just such a situation. The Floodbreak.

What the Floodbreak consists of is “a floating panel that hinges into a recess int he pavement immediately in front of the entrance” to your garage or big door area. When water comes up on the Floodbreak, it floats, and when it floats, it rotates upwards. Hydrostatic pressure of the water raises the barrier and activates the self-sealing rubber flange. Flange! And that stops that water, so hard!

Available in unlimited width, unlimited height. 100% automatic.

Designer: Floodbreak, LLC

Floodbreak for breaking floods by Floodbreak, LLC