Bamboo Computer Tent

So when you think… laptop… how quickly does your mind drift or skippy skip on over to bamboo? Not quick! But let me tell you, when the two are rammed together, you’ve got comfort. You’ve got some floor pillows, low tables, and rugs for your loving eyeballs to glance upon. This is the 2010 Manila Fame International April 2010 Buyers Lounge as designed and whipped up by designer Antonio “Budji” Layug.

When you get to the Manila, Philippines part of the world, you might notice some strange connections. Bamboo. Computers. Look at them! Finally someone, namely Antonio “Budji” Layug, has put the two together in order to put people with money in a comfortable position to buy buy buy!

And I must say, with bamboo above, pillows below, and a computer right up in front of my face, this would be the greatest place on earth to be posting and peeking at Yanko.

Designer: Antonio “Budji” Layug

2010 Manila Fame International April 2010 Buyers Lounge by James Jeffert Ong