Frozen Unit for a Frozen Unit

Allow me to get cold hearted with you for a moment. Let me warm your brain up with some lovely Industrial Design of the conceptual sort. This might also be called architecture, if you be so inclined to be specific. An ice-tastic structure designed by the 2-B-2 crew, one by the name of “Arctic Mobile Unit.” It is a solution to the problem of existing in such a climate, a climate not suitable for human beings, an environment that will freeze your tootsies off.

In the polar regions of the world, there are ever-present problems of transport, life-support, and communication. To solve, or at least take a blowtorch toward these problems, 2-B-2 unleashes a set of mobile units.

Each unit can support 3 people for 15 days, and can operate between -40 and +10C with winds up to 85 km/h. With dimensions very similar to the widely used 3′ Dry Freight Container, each unit is easily transportable. Each unit has a solar battery, 5kW power generator, snow smelter, and is made of a steel frame, carbon panels, and polyethylen (thermo-insulating membranes.)

It all weighs 1500 kg and is 2000x1600x2300mm.

Designer: Andrey Bondarenko for 2-B-2 Architecture