One-of-a-kind glamping experience offers a luxurious escape into nature

It’s definitely a good thing that more people are yearning for outdoor adventures and experiences, especially those that take them away from the concrete and metal jungles of cities and into the soothing embrace of nature. That said, most of us probably can’t easily detach ourselves from the comforts of modern life, from basic necessities like water and electricity to the conveniences of electronic devices. Fortunately, you don’t really have to give those up, especially with “glamping” becoming the hot new thing in outdoor experiences. There are, of course, many ways to do glamping, but this exciting new package combines a nature retreat with nearly all the amenities of a luxurious hotel and resort stay, promising a unique and memorable experience that brings the best of both worlds together in perfect harmony.

Designer: Volodymyr Hahonin

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When people hear the word “glamping,” most of them will probably think of large tents that somehow have electricity but are still not too different from typical camping versions. There are, however, more permanent structures available that are almost like houses built in the middle of nature and designed to blend with it. The LULU Glamping experience takes that even further by creating a whole area with private amenities such as a private hot tub and dining area and other outdoor activities, including barbecues, spas, outdoor hot tubs, and more.

The structure of the “tent” is quite unique, employing a geodesic shape that offers better stability against strong winds and heavy rain or snow. It also creates better airflow and is 50% more energy efficient, which is especially important considering it’s running on solar power. It also creates an interesting and eye-catching structure that seems to blend human innovation and natural wonder with a circular shape that’s actually made from straight lines and triangles.

Of course, glamping is more than just putting a roof over your head, and LULU offers what is practically the equivalent of a luxury hotel experience, both inside and outside that dome. The entire property can accommodate up to four people, with separate domes for a luxurious bedroom and a skylit bathroom. More than just electricity, you have access to high-speed Internet, TV streaming, smart home devices, and appliances for serving coffee and drinks. Outside, you have options to relax under clear skies with a cozy hammock or an ambient fire pit or create new experiences by participating in activities like wellness retreats, workshops, or the sights and sounds of Miami-Date County, Florida.

Though there are many adventurous spirits who are willing to brave nature with minimal equipment, the rest of us simply want to enjoy nature without the stress. The young glamping culture is trying to bring people closer to nature by removing their fears and worries about surviving outdoors. LULU Glamping takes that concept to the next level by offering a first-rate hotel experience in the heart of nature, allowing families, couples, friends, and even colleagues to create wonderful memories and stories in every stay.

Click Here to Book Now: 1 Night Stay for $345 $569 (39% off). Hurry, only 9/12 left!