How Much Clearer a Switch

I ain’t never seen. I’ve seen some switches with words on them before, but never before such an elegant one. I challenge you to show me a more elegant “ON” switch. In fact, this one is so elegant, and cocky in its elegance, it is titled ‘”On” Switch.’ Our man in Russia, Burakov Denis, sent in this design with the clear intent in mind! To show the world exactly what was going on in the world of lightswitches. But that’s not saying it’s just for that, no! All you engineers, hook this up to your weirdo machines!

Minimalism indeed, that’s what’s said. And also indeed this switch was made for my auntie. Why? Because she keeps all her lights on all the time. She walks through the house and doesn’t turn a one of them off! But now she’ll remember with the big O and N staring at her eyeballs real clear.

Designer: Burakov Denis

Switch ON lightswitch by Burakov Denis