How Much Clearer a Switch

I ain’t never seen. I’ve seen some switches with words on them before, but never before such an elegant one. I challenge you to show me a more elegant “ON” switch. In fact, this one is so elegant, and cocky in its elegance, it is titled ‘”On” Switch.’ Our man in Russia, Burakov Denis, sent in this design with the clear intent in mind! To show the world exactly what was going on in the world of lightswitches. But that’s not saying it’s just for that, no! All you engineers, hook this up to your weirdo machines!

Minimalism indeed, that’s what’s said. And also indeed this switch was made for my auntie. Why? Because she keeps all her lights on all the time. She walks through the house and doesn’t turn a one of them off! But now she’ll remember with the big O and N staring at her eyeballs real clear.

Designer: Burakov Denis

Switch ON lightswitch by Burakov Denis




  • reality says:

    would prefer it if it had a pir that had an auto switch off function if there was no movement/sound in the room.??

    • Chris Burns says:

      They have those sort of switches around where I live. They’re cool, but I hate when they have them in restaurant bathrooms. Half the time I’m in the dark on the pot!

  • Dyyami says:

    Why make a power switch that needs power to operate? Apart from that, I like the tangible feedback from the original button; I can see a more effective and functional solution here that combines the tactile switch with direct light-feedback (which has already been done btw).

    Furthermore I doubt if the letters ‘ON’ are really more apparent compared to the lights that are already on..

  • Margot says:

    hmmmmmmmmm….I don’t know what to say to this one.

  • Want2Buy says:

    Nice switch, but what is the price and where/how can i get to place an order cos I’ve searched through the site (yankodesign)and it seems i didn’t see how to go about it.

  • Burakov Denis says:

    Unfortunately this is not where the switch is not sold and is only a concept.

  • Kris says:

    Nice one but Im tired of millions of concepts online and no products.

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