Sleep better with this humidifier and mood light in one

Humidifier2 aims to introduce a calming and tranquil environment by combining two atmosphere-creating functions! Packaged within the minimal, fuss-free exterior is both a soft mood light and gentle humidifier; the pairing of these two functions aims to enhance the user’s lifestyle by making their home a more comfortable place to be.

The graceful curves are beautifully contrasted by the repetitive lines of the translucent base, which have been chosen as they elegantly diffuse the light while adding an element of interest to the product. The introduction of a mood-light wasn’t just for enhanced visuals, but also to assist the user in achieving the perfect nights sleep; the soft lighting cancels out the intimidating darkness of the night, re-introducing a sense of familiarity into the room, this combined with the humidifier that creates a comfortable climate, leads to a sleep inducing environment.

Designer: Second White