Magically USB Delicious!

It’s a magic tophat! And this magic… it is engineering science. What one hat here does is the work of a much more scientific looking USB hub! But I say to you this! How fun is that box you’ve got, that silly looking, non-fun USB hub you’ve got over there? None at all! That’s not fun at all. What were you thinking! Instead you could be over here having the time of your life using this magic hat! It’s called “Cylindrus” and it contains no rabbits.

It does however contain magic. Magically connecting 8 USB cords of your choice, all fit neatly into this fabulous looking hat. The only thing not-magic about this project is the amount of people it took to bring it to fruition! That, my friends, instead, is part of the design process. A very non-magic time.

USB spells for everyone!

Art Director: Artemy Lebedev
Designer: Yegor Zhgun
Industrial Designers: Alexei Sharshakov and Artyom Sazonov
Modeler: Alexander Pozdeyev
Visualizator: Anton Veryovkin

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio

Cylindrus USB hub magic hat by Art Lebedev Studio