Scoot On Into Spring

From where I’m posting this post, it’s springtime. Springtime is in full effect. And you know what that means? It’s time to get scootin’. All you yuppies get out your yuppiemobiles and yuppie your way into saving the spring and summer environment! If you live where I do, up in Minnesota, you’ve only got part of a year to be able to roll those babies out on the pavement, so get em spinning! Do some jumps, flip a few backflips, weave through some cones and whatnot! Yay for the Urban Scooter!

Incidentally, that’s what this design is called. It’s the “Urban Scooter” by designer Daniel Dayag. He describes this scoot as a high-end electric scooter “for people who are looking for unusual design in their daily travels in the city.” I habeeb it! I’ll take one, pal, I’ll get those yuppies all yuppied up for the year!

We’ll have a yuppie scooter festival the likes of which you’ve never seen! You know what else yuppies love? The crushing of the head. But not on the scooter! Stay safe everyone!

Designer: Daniel Dayag

Urban Scooter by Daniel Dayag