Blackness in Cuts

Behold a set of three knives, all of them purest black. In fact, these knives are so black, they’re branded that way – “Pure Black.” And the magnet that holds them to the wall like a great set of knives should be displayed? “Pure White.” These products are designed for Shelton, who presents them as a set, the magnet 42 cm long seeming to float on the wall, simplicity abound. Pure Black, three knives for cutting, are exceptionally clean and functional, each of them forged of a single piece of stainless steel, their handles effortlessly blending into their blades.

The matte black coating along these knives provide a superb grip and evoke the though of elegant cooking, beautiful cuts, and gourmet dinners. Cut with style.

Pure White: Materials: stainless steel and plastics Length: 42 cm / Height: 3,5 cm / Depth: 1,2 cm

Pure Black: Materials: stainless chromium steel with soft black coating Length: chef’s knives 34,3 cm / 23,7 cm – bread knife 37,4 cm FDA approved

Designer: HolmbäckNordentoft