Three Parts Time

Behold the ever-changing display of the 1/4 Watch. Believe it, ma’ams and sirs, because quite often you will not see that same sight you saw a second before you glanced. Completely true, believe me. Feel free to devour your choice of any of the several colorway choices, black, white, blue, or red. Each of them classy enough for you to go to class in, waking up all your classmates feeble little class brains with your wild and fabulous watch from EleeNo.

Spin it, baby, spin it spin it! I know you’re also very into statistics too, so let’s do some of them in this post as well, but first, tell me which artist you think of first when you see the display of these watches. I’ve got someone in mind, you tell me!

Case Size: 39mm x 31mm x 7 mm
W/R ATM: Water-resistant
Case Material: Stainless steel
Belt: Rubber
Lens: Mineral Glass
Battery: SR927SW×1
Accessories Supplied: Certification, Manual, Case
Warranty: 1 year

Designer: EleeNo [ Buy it Here, 1/4 Watch is available for $85 @ YD Store ]

1/4 Watch by EleeNo

1/4 Watch is available for $85 @ YD Store