Gum Disposal Done Right

If you get chewing gum stuck to something precious (clothes, shoes, hair etc.) then rub some ice to harden it and then scrape it off. The point is, you got chewing gum stuck to you because an irresponsible nutcase probably owns a bottle of chewing gum and had no handy paper around for proper disposal. The ingenious “Green Seeds” chewing gum bottle design addresses this issue and features a perforated paper-tape dispenser at the bottom of the bottle plus a temporary storage space for used gums. Stating it simple: pull off the paper stub, wrap the used gum and shove it into the bottom, till you find a dustbin. Orbit…you listening?

Designer: Gonglue Jiang


Green Seeds – Chewing Gum Bottle Design by Gonglue Jiang




  • Jack Chen says:

    nice i like it

    • reality says:

      haha yer right. so you walk about with this in your pocket while chewing then get it out when you have had enough. nope. people will always spit them out, put them under seats etc. the only way to solve this is with an air activated gum that degrades when exposed so it hardens and crumbles. its one for the scientests to solve because doing this would be such a b4ll ache.

      • I totally agree with Reality, but these I guess are more meant for keeping on your desk that the strip tabs in my opinion,

        BUT what I dont get is why cant you keep it simple by just opening the bottom part as it is shoving the gum in it and since you wont be throwing it anytime soon, a inner round lining x5/10.. to just pull out and crumple>throw.

        IF it is meant for the pocket, I think its overall form has so much more potential for something completely diff form and opening/closing system

  • qwerty says:

    its nice and all but would companies actually want to invest in this and lower their profit margin

    • Candy says:

      I don’t think it should make much of a dent in the economics or commercial viability of implementing this design.

      If we talk about the bottle itself, there not much design variation, it’s only the additional cost of adhesive paper that will be calculated.

      Combine this with responsible disposal of chewing gum, I don’t think many companies will mind adding this extras burden so to say. Countries like Singapore ban chewing gum for the menace their improper disposal causes.

      For that sake alone, I think design should do quite well for the sales boost, infact if used in the marketing campaign effectively, it can be a key selling point for the product.

  • akatsuki says:

    Design failure. You take a simple gum pack that is pocketable and blow it up into a plastic container. You increase the environmental and production costs, and basically offer nothing more that a pack of small post-its would not.

    Frankly they should just redesign gum to degrade quicker so you can just spit it out on the sidewalk and have it dissolve gracefully – that would be smart design.

  • mah says:

    when a cretinery disposal?

  • Belinda says:

    It’s way to bulky! Who would carry that bottle around in their pocket or a small bag? I would not buy or use it. I just save the wrapper for when I am through with my gum.

  • anon says:

    although or altough ?

  • CoolCow says:

    sorry i’ve already patented the “chicken butt” technology in another product.

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