JAWS Revisited As A Mouse

One can never picture sharks as these tender loving creatures thanks to the Hollywood hangover! Maybe this is why I have a mental block for the Shark Mouse Concept. The designers are convincing in their presentation: recyclable thermoplast body, minimum contact with the surface for reduced friction, slender design and chic aesthetics…

Maybe I should picture this more as a Necklace CarpetShark than a Great White and get over my musophobia!

Designers: Alireza Haji & Mahbod Ashraf

Shark Mouse Concept by Alireza Haji & Mahbod Ashraf





  • reality says:

    funny how this groundbreaking design inspired by a shark is still refered to as a ‘mouse’ by the designer and not a pointing device. oh what about the lefties??

  • Wolkenstein says:

    I like the design, but i don’t think, that it looks like a shark. But it still looks cool. Want it!

  • I hate to be picky, especially as the presentation (and product) is otherwise really slick looking, but who is responsible for letting all those typos through the net? Surely even the most basic spell-check would have picked out these glaring errors. Sorry, but for me this careless lack of attention to detail takes the edge of an otherwise good-looking presentation. Pernickety beasts, us humans eh?

  • Dyyami says:

    It is a very good looking presentation indeed, and a nice styling as well.

    Although I do not agree with some of the design arguments provided by the designer.

    Reducing friction with the surface? This was tackled long ago by all standard mice using the small “feet” under it, so it only rests on a small surface.

    Furthermore I do not think that the designers spend much time looking at how people handle their mouse, as they claimed to have removed all the parts that are not in contact with the hand. In this process, I think they also have removed most of the parts that are in contact with the hand, and support the hand (at least in the way I use my mouse).

    But hey, the deisgn at least looks good

  • alienzexist says:

    Sorry, this is a fail. If you have even used a mouse for several hours solid then you know you dont need a LESS comfortable mouse. This design has a hole in the middle, so imagine trying to mouse around for hours with a bent piece of plastic, not to mention the edge that sticks STRAIGHT UP INTO YOUR HAND. another design without research.

  • Yo mama says:

    I prefer the mouse that follow you movement of the pupils… much more convenient and no damages from extensive use of a mouse

  • tangzhehao says:

    it’s cute~

  • kombizz says:

    I liked this design. It is a nice and a cool design.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  • (cross-commented at Walyou: http://www.walyou.com/blog/2010/03/29/shark-mouse-concept/)

    “has been designed to have minimum contact with the surface thus reducing friction”

    No no no! That’s not how friction works. It just depends on the coefficient of friction (which is roughly constant, and is a property of the material the mouse is made of, and the material your desk is made of) and the amount of force applied, i.e. how hard you push down on the mouse while you’re using it. This mouse does not reduce friction by reducing the surface of contact. If it does reduce friction, then it’s because it’s made of a very low-friction material.

    Having said that, it does look pretty cool. I’m curious to know how it tracks motion — every mouse I’ve seen was either ball mouse or an optical mouse and this appears to be neither of those.

    • It works by using its ampullae of Lorenzini to sense electric fields, of course, just like any other self-respecting shark (….. although then it would probably only work underwater ….)

      Buy hey, who cares if it works or not as long as it looks cool!

  • it is not bad.but i think any body can use this as a mouse.it is good for presentation only.i’m sorry but can you find any semblance bitween your mouse and poor shark?excuse shark immediately and try to respect to animals.here i thanks from your friends i 8th unit in art university of isfahan.that is….

  • Kamran says:

    it’s so cool.but I think you can use a touch system for its scroll.because a touch scroll can be more suitable for this design.

  • trybudi says:

    it will probably have the same ergonomic problem with the new apple magic mouse. or worse

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