RELAX Design Competition


Submission deadline: March 30, 2009

UPDATE 1: Closed. Take a look at all the entires! Hang tight people, we’re still judging all the entries based on concept, design, modeling, rendering, and presentation.

UPDATE 2: We need more time to judge all the excellent entries. Winner will be announced April 13.

Subject Matter:

  • Use the power of Rhinoceros to design a piece of furniture that addresses relaxation


  • One entry per person, no teams, schools, or companies
  • Design has to be original, no copy-cats!
  • Previously designed but unpublished work is okay
  • Modeling work MUST be created in Rhinoceros. You’re free to use whatever renderer you like tho we suggest Hypershot


  • All submissions must be received by March 30, 2009
  • Winner will be announced April 6, 2009


  • Full retail version of Rhinoceros 4.0 for Windows
  • BONUS! Winner will also receive Hypershot HD if they render their design using Hypershot. Download the demo

How to enter:

  • Download the Rhino 4.0 trial if you don’t already own it
  • Mac OS X 10.5 users can download the beta
  • Zip up both your native Rhino file along with a medium sized JPG render of your design. Include your name, email address, and an explanation of your design. Email to [email protected]


By participating in the competition, you authorize Yanko Design and Rhinoceros to publish and exhibit all designs including project data submitted – waiving compensation – at exhibitions and events and/or use them in any publication that the organizers may deem suitable. Yanko Design will not pursue production of any design submitted.


  • Camila says:

    a pleasant competition.

  • Eric says:

    Boo I’m a Mac user! ;-(

    • mike says:

      Hey Eric, try the Rhino for Mac beta – I’ve been using it for a while and it is working fine.

      • Eric says:

        Cool I will try it out! I’m just wondering what to do with a full Windows version (should I win.) I guess I could install Windows on my Mac, but I’m very weary of that process/outcome… 😉 Thanks for the input though, I will try the beta for sure!

        • Chapps McGuy says:

          I got parallels to run windows on my mac.. and only use windows for Rhino… it works pretty well for me I have no real complains, especially when I see guys shutting down their computers to reboot on the windows side… not worth it, get parallels

          • MastersArch says:

            I’m in architecture school and we use rhino a lot. There are a few people that have macs that try to use Rhino and really it’s very slow. And the beta version isn’t that great either. I guess for designing very basic stuff it might be alright. If you’re doing anything heavy better use windows.

            Plus you probably have a full version to get anything quality, so what’s the point in winning, other than to say you won?

          • Get Modo, best modeler on the Mac, plus it can render, paint and some tother fun tricks as well, much better then rhino and a much more fluid interface

    • Glenn says:

      Isn’t there a Mac Rhino these days?

      Or get dual boot man…

    • Thomas Teger says:

      Rhino and HyperShot are both available for the Mac!

      • Eric says:

        Too bad this freebie is for Windows then…. Maybe they should just ask the winner what platform they want it on? If possible…

    • hell x says:

      virtual pc ,free program for mac, will run rhino.Thats why you own a mac

    • Carl says:


    • VoReason says:

      We all know you like to pay for useless fashion icons. Stop yelling it from the mountain tops

  • ephemeral says:

    this is a global competicion or just for u.s.a. people?
    becouse…. i will like to be in, but i’m from chile….

    PD: sorry for my english

  • zippyflounder says:

    Dang! I can’t just go out to the shop, build something up and photograph it (for some of us thats the easy fast way)…LOL. It will be fun to see the results, good luck kid’s.

  • shane says:

    YD has always been a civil and pleasant place. Please keep it that way.
    We are very happy with the rules and content of the contest and look forward to seeing what ideas develop as a result. All our content adheres to significantly smaller image size restrictions very capably and we are sure you will have no trouble conveying your design here either.
    If money is your main motivator as a designer then life will probably disappoint you.
    A guitarist will always find the lure of a new guitar more enticing than a wad of cash. Rhino is worth far more than its price tag. Never ask a craftsman to put a price tag on his tools 😉
    Goodluck to all the contestants!

  • azi says:

    Is only the modelling important? Or how it is rendered also give more chance to win?:)

  • Keith says:

    Has anyone heard if a Linux version of Rhino was being worked on?

  • Dave says:

    One thing about Hypershot is that its not a true plug-in. Its merely a ‘link-button’ to launch the external application and requires a conversion of the data. Fortunately, Rhino 4 allows some very powerful 3rd party plug-ins, and that is especially true with regards to rendering.

    Since it works inside of Rhino, I found V-ray to be the best rendering solution and recommend it highly. Hypershot does make rendering VERY EASY and real-time, but you can run into the common problem of re-exporting every time there are changes, which is all-too-common on client work.

    • HyperShooter says:

      That is addressed in HyperShot 1.8, where you can retain all your material assignments when you reimport the geometry.

      • Dave says:

        Except that doesn’t help when the design changes … and its still not a plug-in. Why do they keep saying it is?

  • PaolaGuz says:

    im from mexico and im a industrial desig estudent, can i participate?

  • Pete says:

    So, I imagine this will be judged on quality of design, quality of model, and quality of render. Something like that, right?

  • Ian says:

    You may want to add that Bunkspeed is giving away a full HD copy to the winner.

  • LL says:

    hello! How the desings are sent?
    in which format?

    Thanks you.

  • jeremy says:

    can i model it with 3ds max and edit/save with rhino?

    • Eric says:

      “Modeling work MUST be created in Rhinoceros.” Taken directly from the criteria at the top of the page.

  • Roberto Romano says:

    What is considered as furniture for this competition? There’s a lot of different categories when it comes to furniture! 🙂

    • Eric says:

      True, maybe try thinking about designs that directly address “relaxation.” I agree though that it still is quite vague. Even side tables can be relaxing to look at if designed with that in mind…

      • Roberto Romano says:

        Yes. I was more thinking in the terms of bathroom equipment such as a bathtub could be considered as a furniture for this competition (from what I have researched bathtubs is a furniture piece in the category “bathroom furniture”). 🙂
        but maybe its better to stay in the parameters of “normal” furniture and not go to deep

  • I'll take a look of the features

  • I’ll take a look of the features

  • Christiaan says:

    I just submitted my design! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • ChennY says:

    is it possible to use the animation tool in rhino?to show how the furniture works?
    also can we use ready human figures?

  • Sachin says:

    I got it and I am in…

  • memet kozan says:

    Hi..sorry for my bad question, but am i allowed to use Cinema 4d as rendermodule ?? and photoshop for color settings ?

  • kitap says:

    good idea . . . Wonderful !

  • yudiebrabuss says:


  • omcdesign says:

    sorry, it is really bothersome to learn a program just to have the program, but it is also great to see companies support students and young designers with such promotions. They should offer free training videos.. by the way whats up with all the junk comments, delete them please.

  • Ian says:

    Are we forced to submit the actual Rhino file?

    For example mine is sitting at 69mb right now, I can export as a step file and zip it and it’ll be 5.7mb

    I’m not sure how I’d get a 69mb file to you guys.


  • chris says:

    my submission keeps getting bounced back to me with this note:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    [email protected]
    Any suggestions???

  • satrab says:

    Too bad there isn’t any confirmation that the submission was accepted.

  • satrab says:

    Oh sorrry, there is a confirmation message, just got it ^_^

  • Hannes says:

    No confirmation message at all!

  • Arvid says:

    Nice design everyone! 🙂

  • Dave says:

    OK… who won?

  • Aspran Gital says:

    As stated in the contest Rules:

    “Zip up both your native Rhino file along with a medium sized JPG render of your design”

    I guess all the entries that have more than one image attached are then automatically disqualified, is that right?

    Only the entries that have 1 image should be considered?

    • Long Tran says:

      I was less concerned with how files were delivered. If you got everything turned in on time regardless if it was one email or multiples, zipped or not – you were entered into the contest.

  • user says:

    Interesting question^^

  • Spoon says:

    Long Tran is awesome. heheehe…

  • kanye east says:

    well, i’m not gonna go mental w/ a complaint, but i too woulda dialed in some mental presentation board for my entry if that had been stated. instead, i only submitted an img. hope that’s enuff.

  • max von shnitzel says:

    any updates?

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