Umbrella The Guide Master

Never get caught in the rain without a clue as to where to go. The Umbrella Guide has a city map printed on the inside of the nylon shell with attractions, cafes, restaurants, and hot spots pointed out. Pretty ingenious but which one of you designers want to step up and create one with a dynamically changing display based on location? Do it, do it!

Designer: Cansu Cender

Umbrella - The Guide by Cansu Cender



  • Great idea. I never remember to bring an umbrella when I’m traveling and always have to buy one. Just like Long, I’m waiting for the digital one, with the GPS, too.

  • Tigrosaure says:

    I think this umbrella would be even better if the map was printed on the inside of it instead of being on the exterior.

    You know… if it rains, you don’t want to be “above” your umbrella to watch the map… but rather “under” ! Do you ?

    • Long Tran says:

      I think it’s mirror printed so you can see it thru the slightly transparent shell, but I agree, printing on the inside is better.

    • reality says:

      hmm would be hard to read from the inside. quite a touristy thing tho, so get costa to make them and highlight their shops. the map needs to appear as a map and not this mess tho.

  • Curiosity killed the says:

    Very good, but does it change as you go to different locations?

  • Ziya Bahtiyar says:

    Very nice, very informative :o)

  • Curiosity killed the cats says:

    Very good, but does it change as you go to different locations?

  • Chune says:

    It’s an İstanbul, Turkey map.. Very brilliant!!

  • Dahny says:

    If you wanted the map to change with your location maybe someone could hook a GPS up to a projector near the handle and have it project a current map on the inside of the umbrella. Maybe…

  • Great graphic design and of course great idea! Though I saw umbrella with the google earth integrated. Just google – ‘google earth umbrella’ or see image here –

  • Great idea. Can it be seen inside the umbrella? That is a must have stuff when your to a place the your new.

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