Multitap with a Difference

The Multi Saving Power Strip is a very helpful concept that keeps a tab on the devices plugged in, their power consumptions and electricity wastages. With monetary representation of individual sockets and the whole collective bill, it works a good guilt trip on your no-so-conservational-ways! I love the attention to detail in this strip, for example if there is an overload of gadgets, the circuit rings glow red as a warning sign. I’d buy one if it were available.

Designer: Hyungwoo Uhm


  • Vince says:

    Good idea to avoid energy waste, but still looking like others plugs on the market…

  • Ray says:

    Ironic, don’t you think, that this is a system with the intent to save power by use of power consuming devices (the LEDs). But a nice thought.

    • James says:

      LED light bulbs literally use about 8 watts, and that’s not even a bulb, that’s like a single LEF so no. Not really ironic considering a normal light uses around 70. LEDs a literally the cheapest way of creating light.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I do not think that the round shape will work in America. Brilliant design, though you might want to use ePaper instead of leds to save even more energy.

  • fil can says:

    i think its not applicable to the most of the plugs

  • Hunter says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to illuminate the plugs that are NOT in use? The point is be able to find the damn thing at night…

  • Hunter says:

    Also, how does it know how much my power costs?

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