Turn That Frown into a Seat

Or more specifically, a small armchair. Designers at Sand & Birch Luxury Design have designed this lovely little thing by the name of “Smile.” S&B pride themselves in being known as designers who take a special amount of time and effort in choosing their shapes and materials so as to create not just seats, but sculptural furniture. With this Smile chair, they took a stab at clashing what they find great in both fullness and compact design. Smoothness, niceness, a big set of chompers.

Actually no chompers. I hope a big set of chompers pillows could be added. Maybe custom! In reality, the chair is to take on the shape and the feeling of a smile. It’s meant to be ironic and elegant, young and fresh.

It’ll come eventually in blue or white, made up of varnished polyurethane, or the special edition which will have a nice cushion and will be covered in velvet, cotton and silk, colors in gray and white.

You know which one I want. I’m here for the lounge.

Designer: Sand & Birch Luxury Design

Smile small armchair by Sand & Birch Luxury Design