Balanced Diet For Two

So you lovebirds think you can lead a balanced life, eat balanced meals and stay on the same wavelength on every issue? I got a test for you two; try eating from this SeeSaw Dining Plate! It’s got only one rule….the plate must stay balanced at all times; similar pace with similar actions will help you through! If you’re out of sync, you’ll break the equilibrium and obviously fail my test. Hands Up all those who would like to give it a try!

Designer: Daniel Ballou

SeeSaw Dining Plate by Daniel Ballou





  • MG says:

    Oh yes – the idea of plate bouncing from one side to the other every time someone tries to take something from it – priceless.

  • reality says:

    i feel ill when i look at this. just imagine the hot wax flung onto your meal as you slam your end down..

  • brack says:

    the idea of keeping a pace with your partner’s eating doesn’t really fly for me, but i do think you’re onto something if you could find another application for this. a game, maybe?

  • luke says:

    that’s just stupid

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