Organic Lampstick

This is a lamp with a dimmer. Does it look like a dimmer lamp you’ve ever seen before? It reminds me of a lamp I saw in an abandoned house once; it moved up and down smoothly from the ceiling based on how much you pulled down or touched up. Well what do you know, the lamp we’re talking about right now does something very similar! Instead of the lamp moving, this, the “Etirement” lamp, has easily adjustable intensities of light.

Based on an orgaic skin-and-bones body, the Etirement has both: a skin and a skeleton. Pulling the rod you see in the center there adjusts the light the lamp gives off. The intensity of the light lowers down and rises up according to the distortion of the fabric membrane.

The designer of this object, Rémi Bouhaniche, calls the temporary, changing shape of the Etirement “a poetic time from a daily action.”

Very pretty!

Copyright : USIN-e

Designer: Rémi Bouhaniche


Etirement lamp with a dimmer by Rémi Bouhaniche