For The Love Of Coffee

I think I’ve confessed one too many times that tho I’m a coffee addict, I just can’t spend too much time nurturing it. There are actually freaks like me who LOVE instant coffee and don’t want to do the grinding-percolating routine. Which is why I simply adore this ceramic-glass fusion called Coffee Set. It’s a cup with a slotted bottom that holds in just right amount of coffee powder and water, for you to stir the mixture with the handle. Yup no spoons required! The design gets even more interesting with the saucer, which has a missing bottom!

This empty space is for fitting in your cup snugly and keeping the brew warm for a longer time via insulation.

I know many of you may be going “tsk tsk” for the cleaning part, I mean getting the cup spanky clean thanks to the slotted bottom doesn’t sound easy. But for fancy design’s sake, I’m willing to adopt this set, plus I don’t do the dishes….so it’s really not my headache!

Designer: Yali Dai





Coffee Sets by Yali Dai