Welcome to the Future, Dad!

Hey Dad, you’ve got to clean some diapers, Dad. This isn’t 1950, Dad, get over here and take care of this baybah! What you’re about to find is three different Baby Beds, not all of them directed directly at Dad, but they’d sure be useful for the baby! And since you’re reading this blog, you know – you know exactly what you wanted when you were a baby – innovation! See below the “Flip Bath,” Dad’s “Changing Bag,” and the “Modular Rocker.” Not for hard rock!

First down there you’re going to see the Flip Bath. It will accommodate the heck out of your baby as he or she grows up. Use one side until the baby’s butt gets too big to butt down in the tub, then flip. If the baby is then still too big, it’s time to get a new Flip Bath.

Next there’s Dad’s Changing Bag. Dad! Change that poopy! This is a bag that probably anyone could use, but it’s aimed at Dad in name. It has all the supplies you’d ever want for changing diapers, as well as some other parental essential items. Fold-out changing station for when you’re at the bus station, clean, raised, nice.

*I have to share with everyone a fact that noone really needs to know, I am just so proud of it: it was only last week that I got to change the very first diaper I have ever changed. It was a moderately soiled one right off my godson’s butt. Please refrain from sending too much cash in your congratulation cards.

Finally the Modular Rocker is for baby rock and rollers. It’s made up of some sleek individual components that can combine into a series of transformers, changing with the baby as the baby turns into a bigger baby. Scary huh? Babies turn into adults!

Designer: Evan Gant of Altitude Inc.

Three Baby Beds aka Next Generation Nursery Concepts by Evan Gant