Our Overhead Ally

Hello again 2-B-2 Architecture! If you read Yanko Design on the regular, you know that 2-B-2 has had more than a couple projects featured. Why? Because they’re friggin awesome. And what have we got here? More awesome. The project you’re about to experience shares the same name as the mythical creature whose main goal in life is to borrow three fiddy!* Yes, yes indeed, it is “Nessie,” our underwater ally! And she’s all lit up.

*Name that reference!

This lamp concept is very obviously looking toward the monster of underwater proportions of the past (and maybe the present?) Indeed it is the Lock Ness monster. Nessie is translated here into a lamp that can be hung from any wall or ceiling. Three different kinds of lamp can be added: the head, the case (body bits), and the tail.

Another wild one from 2-B-2.

Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture

Nessie aka Loch Ness Monster lamp by 2-B-2 Architecture