Walk the Mobile, String it Up!

How many times have you, as an adult, or as a young adult, been walking along the sidewalk thinking, gosh! I wish I had a yoyo right now. And the phone rings? That’s almost certainly what happened to Emmanuel Hanson the day this yoyo mobile phone charger concept was whipped up. What does it do? It yoyos! And what happens when it yoyos? It charges your phone!

All the way up, all the way down. Make it walk, make it run. Make it fly over your head, make it smack a dude in the face. All of this is beneficial! Unless that dude then breaks your phone. That’s not awesome.

What’s the weirdness though, you might ask? I’ve heard of every charger idea in the world, this is neat, but not neat enough? The neatness is thus: not only does the yoyo charge the phone, the yoyo IS the phone.

How’s that for spinnin?

Designer: Emmanuel Hanson

Yoyo mobile phone charger by Emmanuel Hanson