Mother Of Modular Kitchens

We have seen plenty of modular kitchens and counters, but the Mother of em all is the Accordion Folding Cook Table. Sneaky little triangular drawers pop out from the folds of the table (that’s why it’s called the Accordion). Sliding counter tops and more drawers on the left and right side of the table, makes this the most coveted kitchen platform in my eyes. The beauty doesn’t stop here, drawer covers can be upturned to be used as preparation boards. And transparent plastic let’s you know what the boxes hold, without having to open them. The functional modules can be configured in two to four sets, giving you the perfect kitchen!

Designer: Olga Kalugina

Accordion Folding Cook Table by Olga Kalugina






  • fabsolute says:

    Really nice work, on a formal level it reminds me the graduate project I made 3 years ago, but Olga drove the idea in a deeper level, with this accordion storage system. Well done!

    • Lucifer says:

      That looks nothing like it… but still good idea.

      • fabsolute says:

        This is a cooking table. I’ve just drawn a simple table with a napkin ribbon in it. Indeed the projects/purposes are different. Nevertheless it recalls me some of my sketches, whose shape is similar.

  • tryner says:

    I love this idea! great all around.

  • SmokeyRivers says:

    Is it just me, or does most of the concept kitchen counters look cool, until you actually think about them, and realize that it would never work for various reasons.

  • Kaiser-Machead says:

    A single solid surface works best. Something like this would definitely end with various food stuffs accidentally falling into the little compartments while you prepare food and expand it to get things out.

    • Skyside says:

      My thoughts exactly. And if the people who consider buying it have kids anything like I had been, they’ll need to consider the little’uns messing around getting fingers pinched, or even stumbling upon older, decomposing food stuffs and/or other subtle health hazards prancing about the nooks and crannies.

  • Ron Burgundy says:

    are you sure apple didn’t patent this!!?

  • fluidexistence says:

    Now, I’m just reaching here, but wouldn’t it have been a bit more practical to have the countertop itself on tracks with springs, teeth and countertension to have the same effect, but even more flexible? Then you could determine the size of the gap and where in your cooking/prep space you want it to appear.

  • manny says:

    Great post and photos
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