Printing With Ballpen

Forgive me for the overdose on Printer Designs, or rather re-design, but apparently current cartridges and toner ink is a major source of worry for our designing community. The evil existing ones are BAD for the environment; hence after Pencil I and Pencil II, it’s time to consider draining out the last drops out of a Ballpoint Pen and use it for printer ink. So let’s dissect the REENK…only request, keep the discussion to why you think this will work or why not.

Designers: Hyo Sun Ahn & Min Koung So

REENK – Printer With Ball Pen Ink by Hyo Sun Ahn & Min Koung So





  • Armin says:

    Not sure there is enough ink in those ballpens. Plus, you generate more trash with those empty ballpens.

    Nevertheless, a black&white printer, for which you could use those promotional ballpens (since color consistency doesn’t matter much) or even pencils, that would be awesome.

    Btw, you could make the whole thing smaller if you just used the ink cartridge of the pen.

    Anyway, kudos to the designers!

  • mf says:

    This is never going to work. One reason is that the pen ink is too viscous to fit through the printing nozzles. Another reason is that you would have to cut off the bottom of the pen or take out the ball, so that the ink could come out. I bet that many more flaws can be found in this concept.

    I don’t know, but have the designers forgotten about the word “research”?

    When I have an idea, I first calculate the physics to see if it is actually going to work, do extensive research in that field and check the current state of technology. Then I create the concept having these things in mind.

    I don’t know about you, but by my definition; If design isn’t useful, then its art!

  • leoleung says:

    that’s the creation without considering any physics and it’s mechanism

  • mif991 says:

    why would you use pens and then have compartments for carthridges? terrible.

  • Owesome device) I want one of them)

  • Owesome device) I want one of them)

  • ceebee says:

    interesting idea.

  • botelho says:

    PEN’S ???!!! Plural with apostrophe ? WTF?!

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