Printing My Food By The Molecule

Molecular gastronomy studies the physical and chemical processes that occur while cooking. It basically tries to investigate and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation of ingredients. We saw reference to this stream a while ago and now inspired by the so-called ‘molecular gastronomists’ who take pride in completely deconstructing food only to re assemble them bizarre modern ways, Philips Design presents the Food Creation Concept.

Food Creation consists of a food printer that would accept various edible ingredients and then combine and ‘print’ them in the desired shape and consistency, in much the same way as stereo lithographic printers create 3-D representations of product concepts.

For example carrot could be served as foam or parmesan cheese as a strand of spaghetti! So if the kids don’t want to eat broccoli or brussels sprouts, how about shaping them as candy or ice-cream?

Interestingly, the printer allows you to adjust the nutritional value and relevance of what was being ‘printed’ based on input from the diagnostic kitchen’s nutrition monitor. This ways you’ll always have the perfectly balanced meal.

Designer: Philips Design

Food Creation Concept Of Molecular Cooking and Printing by Philips Design