To Kiss With Cold Kindness

Here’s a rather warm gesture to be holding such a cold set of objects. It’s an ice bowl made to kiss your hosting problems goodbye! ‘Bear’ this tip in mind: the lips are where the cuteness ends, and the functionality begins. Each of these bowls was made with an anodized aluminum inner layer that can be used to cool 6 Peroni lager bottles (small) or 12 Peroni bottles (large.) In fact, it was made with Peroni in mind, as the designer, Chi Dang, finds Peroni just kissably delicious.

Full lips in mind. The lid opens to reveal a flat serving tray which can be placed on the bowl, lid, or on its own. Also made of thermoplastic and definitely designed with the tongue placed firmly in the cheek.

Designer: Chi Dang

Allesi aperitivo lips ice bowl for Peroni