Drink More Ink

No don’t do that! Only the plant should! No not that plant! This one! This is a plant that’s inside a pen, and it isn’t even alive. Except in your imagination. This is a concept design from Igor Lobanov would have you believe that not only do plants live inside pens just fine, even in the dark, but that also they can live on ink. That’s crazy talk! What are you even saying! Just let it sit there in the inkwell for a little bit and experience the magic.

Yes siree, this plant basically inflates with ink. The containment plant inside the bulk of the pen acts the same basic way a vacuum cleaner does, inflating as it takes in more ink. The ink is inserted through the tip as it sits resting in the inkwell, and as the blue ink fills up the yellow plant, it becomes a more natural green.

How spiffy!

Designer: Igor Lobanov

Sprout Pen grows a plant in your pen that lives on ink by Igor Lobanov