Hawking on Table

I dare you to decipher that clever two-level title. I dare you. The project I’m about to talk about is called the “Continuum Table,” and it’s really great. It’s made out of chromed steel and folds in space-time. Actually that’s what it’s informed by. Yes, the Continuum Table is inspired by models of space-time in which “spaghetti-like structures form an invisible network of fold of space and time in our universe.” What do you say to something like that? You look at it heavily and give it a thumbs up.

Look at that monster. It’s just spectacular. It’s got all these statistics too:
Designer: Jason Phillips (United States)
Manufacturer: The Phillips Collection (United States)
Inspired By: the space-time-continuum
Material: chromed steel and 3/4
Colors: Metallic/Clear
Dimension: 96x42x30″h
Price: available upon request

So what do you think about that? I think it’s pretty. I don’t know how I’d clean the dust off of it though. Maybe it would be really fun! Also I imagine that if I owned a lot of birds, they would enjoy it.

Designer: Jason Phillips


Continuum Table inspired by folds in the space time continuum by Jason Phillips