Robot Lovers, Spike Jonze, and Absolut

Lovers of indy video, robot heads, and the masterful mind of master director Spike Jonze, you’re in for a treat. Spike Jonze has created a short film, “I’m Here,” about how enriched a life can become having been introduced to creativity – in a female robot. It’s the story of the male robot librarian who is gaining this enriched life, the adventurous, free spirited lady robot who helps him, and a little bit of music too! Moonrats to the rescue!

Well check it out: one member of the Moonrats, Aska Matsumiya, along with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitarist Nick Zinner, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea, and bookstore owner* David Kramer form a fake band that go by the title The Lost Trees. In this movie they play a song called “There Are Many of Us”, written and sung by Matsumiya, that incidentally is also for sale already on iTunes.

*David Kramer owns lovely bookshop “Family” in the LA, CA area, where the characters in this film “I’m Here” play out their lives. You’ll notice the famous Absolut Vodka copyright information on the trailer here because they were kind enough to make this whole project possible.

Find out more about this project soon at and watch the trailer on YouTube or below, then take note at the amazing news for all you UK residents out there:

The global on-line release of this film is March 1st, 2010, but it’ll be shown several times the week before, with a splash of drink!

Thursday 25th Feb

Somewhere in central London…
1st Screening 19.00hrs
2nd Screening 20.45hrs

Friday 26th Feb

Somewhere in central Manchester…
1st Screening 19.00hrs
2nd Screening 20.45hrs

Saturday 27th Feb

Somewhere in central Edinburgh…
1st Screening 19.00hrs
2nd Screening 20.45hrs

There’s two viewings per night, and a couple glasses of Absolut after each. But you need tickets! You can get those on the official I’m Here/Absolut site:, which isn’t quite open yet but will be soon.

Designer: Spike Jonze

I'm Here, a short film by Spike Jonze, sponsored by Absolut Vodka