Shopping That Leads To Recycling And Better Living

Quick question: How many of us think about product life and recycling Before we buy any items? I belong to the group that said “I don’t”, and yes I am ashamed. Luckily for us Philips is developing a concept where product life, recycling methods, shopping environment and client needs are taken into consideration. Welcome to the Circle of Life, featuring a creative shopping environment that considers the product life cycle with recycling options….all before you make the purchase.

Philips Design Explains:

Circle of Life is a concept for a truly informed and heightened shopping experience, where old products are returned, recycled and re-used, and where new products are assembled on-site and co-created with the customer. In a closed loop that ends at ‘Ownership’, but starts with ‘Recycling’, it delives responsible goods as well as meeting the customer’s needs.

For the moment there may not be much substance to this concept, but I’m sure since biggie Philips is involved here, we can expect this or something similar popping up in the future.

Designer: Philips Design

Circle of Life – Products Recycling Concept by Philips Design