Not a Tiny Airplane – On the Ground

Let me explain first the title: a single-engine Cessna is a type of small airplane, while this project is called “VESNA”, and is an auto that stays flat on the ground. But it’s fantastic! The Vesna is a single-seat electric car. The body of this car is made entirely of a single piece of natural resin with built-in wiring.

How wild is that?

The wheels in the front go round and round. They also take the form of a reinforced, perforated rubber belt affixed to the electric motor. They also have an offset center of rotation. And they work with MAGNETS!

The motor is non-synchronous and runs on direct current with high-powered permanent magnets. The motor works with a geared cylinder with teeth matching apertures in the belt tire. Regenerative breaking x mechanical breaking. Steering via “edistribution of torque and braking on the leading wheels, depending on how the steering wheel is turned.”

The rear wheel is even more wild. Even more. The rear wheel? It’s a reinforced-rubber sphere. Fastened to a suspension clip that’s got four pedals, each of which contains a roller for free rotation of the sphere. Breaks and assisted steering work on this as well, as each clip is also connected to the main electrical system.

Refueling of this amazing machine happens via the network of wires that, when the vehicle is parked on it’s special “electro-floor”, connect to a working electric channel which connects to sockets that you can plug in using your regular electric plugs.

So simpo!

Designer: Kristina Magnitskaya

VESNA (Spring) single seat electric car by Kristina Magnitskaya