Doomed Table

Most often designers produce encores, totally diminishing the meaning of exclusive and limited editions. This Table Will Self Destruct is a series of tables that are so unique and will not go into second productions. The top of the table is structured as a grid of concrete pixels, so with each new piece one pixel is removed from the design, thus following the rules of self-destruction! Mass production and handmade craftsmanship are both addressed with this design…it will be in production until the shape is no longer practical.

Total pixels removed: 33

Designers: Donna Piacenza & Jody Work [ Buy it Here, This Table Will Self Destruct ($980) is available @ YD Store ]


This Table Will Self Destruct – Pixel Table by Donna Piacenza & Jody Work

This Table Will Self Destruct ($980) is available at @ YD Store





  • Victor Assis says:

    I love it, genius.

  • widepers says:

    Looks terrible, somewhat misleading solution to an otherwise good idea (obviously, my personal opinion). Just because is missing some “pixels” here and there won’t make it more different than another one with some other pixels missing (the one with the missing pixel in position 2,3 will look pretty much like the one with the missing pixel in position 3,2), and, also, the number of possibilities is insanely huge – 2 at the power of (25 * 25 * 2 + 25 * 3 * 2), hope I didn’t make a mistake somewhere :). Of course, they won’t sell this number (because at some point will be “unpractical”), but anyway…
    I have to say though that the idea is not necessarily bad, they just need to stay with a smaller pool of possibilities, and make it somehow easier to personalize…

    • Hunter says:

      Confucius is right, they remove one pixel from the concrete mold for each new pour, they don’t mix them up every time.

  • Confucius says:

    I think they would start with one, missing a few pixels, then each subsequent table will be missing the same lot of pixels as the first, plus more.

    I like it, substantially.

  • brack says:

    this one is very my head.

  • Pearl Fujita says:

    very clever, its like limited edition prints of photographers, putting the number on the print, uses same concept and integrates into the design so you feel you own a part of a larger piece of artwork

  • karl says:

    not at $980.

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